Formal Summer Weddings: What Every Man Should Know

Summer has a nasty habit of being hot and humid — two things that do not tend to mix well with formal attire. Yet nevertheless, we gentlemen often find ourselves nicely tuxedoed while the oppressive sun mocks us from its lofty spot in outer space, far, far away from our death glares. The nerve of it. Anyway, there are still ways for a man to look sharp while remaining comfortable during this warmest of the seasons and its multitude of outdoor affairs and events. Don't believe us? Simply curious? Then read on, brave summer warrior! We've prepared a list of ways to tame the heat into a state of reasonable bearability. 1. Try an off white dinner jacket. The good news here is that fashion is in your favor this season and off white dinner jackets are always a very popular choice among the best dressed men. So not only will wearing one grant your inclusion into the stylish club, it will also help against the sun's persistent rays: light colors absorb far less light — and thus far less heat — than dark ones. 2. Go for wool tuxedos... If you find yourself braving the weather in a full tuxedo, then make good and darned sure that it's made of 100% wool. Natural fibers are much more breathable than those seasonally troublesome polyesters, which of course means that you will feel much more comfortable. 3. ... and go for cotton shirts. You'll want to go with cotton for the same reasons that you'll want to wear wool: breathability and comfort. Though cotton does have the unfortunate side effect of being a little bit on the wrinkle prone side, it's a small price to pay to feel cooler overall. 4. Consider vest alternatives. We love vests, you probably love vests, and the world of men's fashion has been in full embrace of vests for a while now. Vests, however, can make things a little warmer for you than you might like: a consequence of their coverage. In the event that the heat places its own limitations on style, we suggest that men forgo their vests and don a classic bow tie and cummerbund set instead. They can still look every bit as good as a vest and will help you keep cooler in your tux. You'll still want to keep cool beverages handy and might want to consider begging some higher force for a breeze, but otherwise you should be comfortable enough to enjoy whatever it is that has brought you, fully dressed, out into the heat of summer.

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