Have Fun with Tuxedo Costumes For Halloween

We are only a little over a month away from the only holiday outing of the year where a boy cross-dressing as a girl, a young lady dressing up as a street thug, or a man or woman donning Lady Gaga costumes, is acceptable. If wearing clothes mirroring Lady Gaga isn't scary enough, I don't know what possibly is. What's so special about Halloween as a holiday is that it's a day of freedom; no one makes hasty judgments about you, you can pretend to be anyone you want, and oh yeah, there's free candy. Some of the people we aspire to be like have a bevy of different clothing trademarks – Superman has the 'S' on his chest; the enigmatic protagonist from the Scream movie series with his signature ghost face mask. Even those characters who wear tuxedos, like James Bond or Tony Stark from Iron Man, are appealing. Who are some other characters who routinely like to sport tuxedos? Let's examine and find out which tuxedos would be perfect to represent a particular person for Halloween. At the recent MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), one person that highlighted the festivities was Korean pop/rap sensation, Psy. For those who are not familiar with his larger-than-life personality, Psy is became an overnight YouTube sensation in the US and around the world through his song, "Oppa Gangnam Style." Gangnam is a high-end district in South Korea and the song describes the lifestyle of people who are in the area. The video features Psy wearing fine tuxedos and living the good life while mixing in silly dance moves which seem to mimic horseback riding. As of current writing, his song has over 280 million hits on YouTube. During the VMA's, Psy was seen wearing a goofy, no, really goofy, blue tuxedo while tearing up the stage in front of millions of fans. People who want to imitate Psy’s style for Halloween can simply pick up a baby blue tuxedo and rock that Gangnam style. It’s a costume that is easily recognizable especially when paired with a matching cane, jazzy leather shoes, and a top hat. [caption id="attachment_1048" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="Psy goofing around back stage during the MTV VMA (via kpopstarz.com)"][/caption] If you want to celebrate the scarier side of Halloween, try to be someone that is more intimidating and villainous. Batman’s Harvey Dent, more popularly known as his alter-ego, Two-Face, would be a great choice in this case. This enormously mysterious and melancholy figure is well-known as one of the Dark Knight's most vicious enemies. That being said, those of you who are fans of Batman movies from the past and present are aware that Two-Face typically wears black or gray tuxedos. So something you may consider wearing for Halloween would be a Calvin Klein tuxedo with a two-buttoned jacket and peak lapel. Oh yeah, of course, make sure half of your face is as wrecked, scratched up, and undeniably as ugly as possible. Another popular character from Batman that we’re sure everyone wants to dress up as this Halloween is the Joker. It’s a costume that’s really easy to pull together too – just find yourself a dark green tuxedo vest, wear it over a blue patterned shirt, slip on some nylon gloves and voila – you already have the Joker’s famous look. Don’t forget to master the art of putting on messy make-up to get his twisted and villainous feel. [caption id="attachment_1049" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="Heath Ledger in one of his best performances as the Joker (via fanpop.com)"][/caption] Whoever you decide to be for Halloween, be sure to plan ahead of time so you can get all the parts and tuxedo accessories of your costume together on time. Whether you plan to be the most eccentric character or the most outlandish singer, fashionable and stylish tuxedos are available to suit you for that one freakish day of the year. So when that Halloween event you're attending comes, wear that tuxedo with dignity and with full confidence. Happy Halloween!

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