The Basics of Wearing a Tuxedo Pt. 1

[caption id="attachment_1062" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Look dapper in a fine tuxedo."][/caption] Not many people are privy to the rules pertaining to wearing a tuxedo. Sure, we are aware that tuxedos should primarily be worn for special events and galas.  However, as far as how to sport one, which colors to pick in relation to the time of day and season, and coordinating shoes and socks with your tuxedo, there are still many people  who are clueless. With that said, let’s go over some do’s and don’t’s of tux’s. One thing I see some gentlemen do with regards to wearing a tuxedo is wearing a white jacket during fall or winter season, or after 6pm. First off, a general rule is to never wear white after Labor Day. White dinner jackets should be worn only during the summer season. Technically speaking summer's end is about three weeks after Labor Day, which should enable you to wear white jackets for the rest of the season's duration. Still, if you want to show your fashion sense it's best to abide by this principle. Also, while it's perfectly fine to wear white during the vacation months, refrain from doing this after 6pm. Instead, a black tuxedo is more appropriate. Personally I would go with a one-buttoned Cristoforo Cardi tuxedo with besom pockets, made with a soft and luxurious Viscose Blend fabric. Matching or coordinating socks and shoes to your pants is something that is rarely thought about, but is indeed extremely important. If you're wearing dark trousers, you want to wear socks that are of the same color or darker. Just a side note, never wear white socks with your pants - no matter what your trousers are. White socks should only be worn if you're dressing informally. The same applies for wearing shoes - shoes must also be darker than the trousers. Traditionally, tuxedos are often paired with black dress shoes. When receiving an invitation to a gala or a ball, it may say black tie event. This isn't to say you must have a black necktie or a black bow tie - it's simply letting you know the event is formal. There's no need to panic when you see this. In this case, the possibilities are varied: You could show up to the party in a Ralph Lauren wool tux, two-button notch, with satin besom pockets or in an Andrew Fezza tuxedo with poly-Viscose fabric and 2-buttoned jacket. The choice is yours. These are some of the basics of wearing a tuxedo, specifically pertaining to the time of day and season in addition to how to coordinate your shoes and socks with your clothing. While following these principles will allow you to make smarter tuxedo-wearing decisions, there are still more rules that need to be addressed. Don’t worry, I will thoroughly discuss more guidelines on wearing a tuxedo in the second part of this article. Upon reading my next post, you will be able to wear that tux with much confidence and swagger.

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