How And When To Rock A Cummerbund

[caption id="attachment_2014" align="alignleft" width="225"]Cummerbunds and ties, when paired perfectly, will not overpower but instead complement a man's tuxedo. Cummerbunds and ties, when paired perfectly, will not overpower but instead complement a man's tuxedo.[/caption] The forgotten formality of the cummerbund has wreaked havoc on prom preparations as of late, even though it once appeared at such events in abundance.  Contemporary formal wear fashion has caused prom-goers to instead lean more towards tuxedo vests. Whether it's because of a lack of understanding, or the belief that vests are more compatible to color renditions, young high school men are ignoring the stylish addition of the cummerbund, when in truth, both tuxedo accessories are for the most part interchangeable.  Some will even say the appearance associated with that of the cummerbund is more appealing, but that can be left to preference. Instead of going straight for the vest when picking out men's formal wear, analyze other styles. You will find that the cummerbund has a lot to offer in making you look dapper and has fair reason to be included in your prom tuxedo ensemble. Most notably, the cummerbund is viewed as a piece linked to methods of higher convention. This is somewhat true, however, it is part of the dress code for black tie formal rather than for white tie events. That aside, the cummerbund is only meant to be worn with single-breasted jackets, doing a remarkable job of concealing the lower half of a collared tuxedo shirt as well as pulling it tight to the torso.  The reason why this is significant is because when the jacket is buttoned, the only part of the shirt showing is a powerfully strict V shape.  For these stylish principals, the cummerbund gains much towards making you look your best. The cummerbund is now widely customizable, very similar to the vest.  Traditionally, it  was known as a piece stringent on complementing solid tuxes, example being the black tuxedo.  Since then the cummerbund has adopted different patterns and colors, making it perfect for prom couples attempting to match. With these style changes, the tuxedo transitions into a more semi-formal attire. Whatever design is chosen for the waistband, it should coordinate with the bow tie or necktie to create the best look.  This adds a lot of flair and flash to your appearance, not to mention a bit of individuality, which is an important accomplishment for prom. Covering the waist is still an important facet to men's formal wear that contemporary thoughts on tuxedos tend overlook, unless of course you’re educated on the rules of dressing for such an occasion.  You wouldn’t want your buttoned down shirt to be overhanging your tuxedo pants.  That would look sloppy and unorganized, when the essence of dressing up is to be sharp and classy. More importantly, a cummerbund should always be worn with the pleats facing upwards - they are meant to catch the little crumbs of food while you eat, preventing a slovenly mess. Gentlemen would also use these pleats as mini pockets where they can put theater tickets and such. Finally, make sure that your trouser's waistband is completely covered by the cummerbund - it is simply unacceptable to do otherwise. A sash around your waist is meant to hold everything in place, which is why the limited amount of cummerbunds at prom seems baffling. If you want an accentuated figure, complemented by the same flair you would get from a vest, then wear a cummerbund with your prom tux. Now that you've got wearing a cummerbund almost down to a science, find out how and when to rock a bow tie.

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