Spring Formal Wear 2013: Tie, Vest, and Cummerbund Colors

[caption id="attachment_2022" align="alignleft" width="164"]Look bold by wearing patterned vests and ties for Spring 2013. Look bold by wearing patterned vests and ties for Spring 2013.[/caption] We've transitioned past the Spring Equinox, even though the chilly weather seems to contradict. Moreover, warmth will be here soon and you need to have your men's formal wear ready for this change.  You wouldn't want to be caught in the hot sun with a navy blue tuxedo or an inapt colored bow tie. Assuredly, there are a number of weddings scheduled as well.  Attending such a seasonal event requires the right attention to detail.  If you're going to wear a tux this spring, then have awareness for which color schemes are appropriate to be the centerpieces of your attire. One of the most important pieces is of course your bow tie or necktie.  This specific addition complements your face and tops off your outfit.  Stay away from anything that is dark red or navy blue.  For spring accessories, you’re better off with softer pastels and bright shades: pale pink, sky blue, khaki, or emerald for pastels; and persimmon, pantone, or kelly green for the bright colors.  The perfect canvas for your spring tie collection would be white tuxedo shirts.  They accentuate formality and avoid drawing unnecessary attention. Mind that these color ideas work well with say, a grey tuxedo, something lighter than the traditional black but still stylish. If you decide to have your tux accompanied by a cummerbund, which is a wonderful piece to heighten your sense of formality, its color must match up with a bow tie.  Many cummerbunds now tend to have different designs.  Stripes are typically a popular pattern for spring.  Any bright or pastel color would look suitable interlaced with white too. For three-piece outfits that include a tuxedo vest, the color schemes should be the same, although this structure matches with either a necktie or bow tie whereas the cummerbund only works well with a bow tie.  Patterned fabric on vests have the most pleasing appearance, especially when the pattern matches up with the tux itself for additional style points.  Patterns will also lighten up the appearance for darker tuxes, making them a bit better for a spring. Overall, spring definitely demands some individuality out of your formal attire. If you attend any event with stringent dress codes wearing unseasonal colors, you’ll just be exemplifying your careless logic for fashion. You want others to know that you have a good sense of how to present yourself properly. Choose the right colors and the right tuxedo accessories.  The colors you choose should not only complement your tuxedo, but also flatter your features.

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