Incorporating Formal Wear Pieces in Everyday Style

September 22 will mark the start of the autumn season. Designers are lining up their boutiques with new lines of decadent merchandise for those ready to take on the new season with a brand new look. Fall brings not only falling leaves, but the start of new trends. Use this time to make a change in your everyday look. Let your old style slip away like the leaves from the changing trees and embrace a new season of sensational style for the everyday gentleman. Refresh your daily wardrobe with some extraordinary flair. Transform your everyday look to reflect the daytime dandy within. Consider incorporating formal wear pieces into your average attire to add new edge to your look.  Although typically set aside for more prestigious occasions, formal wear can be worn outside of traditional events. Don't just pull out a great necktie for your cousin's wedding. Why wait? You can bring the classic style you don at every evening event to the daytime. Don't be shy; take the plunge! Start off small. With the right accessories, any look can be amped up into something greater. Formal wear or tuxedo shoes are a must. Try a pair of black oxfords if you're looking to keep things more casual, or go for a genuine black patent leather slip on to up the class of your ensemble. Pair a traditional button down with jeans and a tie. If you're feeling a little bolder, opt for a bow tie instead. You'll look trendy and traditional. A colorful pocket square can also be a nice addition to your daytime look.

Next, try a dinner jacket for some additional formal flair. Slightly tamer than a full on tuxedo jacket, a dinner jacket will allow you to show off your sense of sophistication without overpowering your look. But this is just to start. When you're ready for the ultimate display of gentlemanly class in your everyday style, try a tuxedo jacket. Don't over think this. Wear it like you would wear any other blazer. A proper fit makes all the difference when it comes to formal wear. Keep the rest of your ensemble slim fit as well. Try a Wool Black Tuxedo Jacket with a Shawl Collar and a pair of fitted dark denim jeans for the perfect pairing of grace and casual style. Don't be afraid to mix it up a little. Daytime wear is meant to be casual, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull. Use your best judgement. Who said you have to keep formal wear for evening events? Add some formal elements to your everyday wardrobe for a gentlemanly edge. Make this style all your own by taking this trend head on with elegant enthusiasm only a daytime dandy like you could have. 

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