Spotlight Style with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all about smooth style Joseph Gordon-Levitt exhibits an extraordinary amount of talent in every movie he makes. In the past few years he has launched his career to Hollywood’s center stage. Appearing in films such as 500 Days of Summer and Inception, he takes on a new role of director (as well as actor) this month in his film Don Jon. But it isn't his talent alone that sets him apart from his film star contemporaries. JGL is also known for his exceptional formal wear attire and overall appearance.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is easily one of the most well dressed men in Hollywood today. From red carpets to A- list events, he is always dressed in a classy and stupendous manner. He understands all too well the importance of embracing a more dapper look. He manages to constantly look the part of an upright gentleman, by blending fashions of the classic formal man with a more modern appeal. JGL even manages to show off his style in double- breasted tuxedos which are typically only worn by taller and bigger men. With the right tailoring, he manages to pull off the look. Proper fit is essential. Emulate his style with a slim fit tuxedo to give your attire a more tailored look and feel.

JGL knows that bow ties are back. JGL also knows how important details are. From the prints on his neckties to the pinstripes of his tuxedos, he understands the power a few standout details can hold. With a few pops of color on a great accessory piece, you can change the tune of an entire outfit. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been seen rocking a bold and bright red lapel pin, offering a subtle but outstanding accent to his look. If not big on traditional lapel pins, consider a boldly colored bow tie or a pocket square

 A pop of color from JGL.[/caption] Take a hint from JGL; don’t let traditional tuxedos buckle you down into dreary formal wear expectations. Your tuxedos don't need to be all black, navy, or grey. Opt instead for another palette in a darker tone. Here he goes for a deep mahogany, plum, or red tuxedo jacket. The color is just right, not too attention grabbing but uniquely magnificent in its own way. He knows how to blend casual wear with formal wear, and often combines a vest and and a shirt with rolled up sleeves. Try wearing a similar look with dark wash jeans and tuxedo shoes to add another layer of casual cool. A slim tie with a clip will be sure to hold down your style. If you want to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt's look, always keep formal wear in mind. Emulate his constant flair for functional and professional attire. His extraordinary amount of confidence only enhances his ensembles. Yours should do the same. Keep your head up with your attitude high, and your attire will reflect your positive outlook. Channel your inner JGL at your next extravagant occasion!

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