Justin Bieber: Ups and Downs on the Red Carpet

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Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is one of the most instantly recognizable celebrities in the world, let alone in show business. The pop sensation has shown he isn’t just a fad with several successful albums, tours, and even a feature-length film. But, for all his creative talent, ‘J. Bieber’ is just as well known for his unique fashion sense and personal style. Whether it’s the haircut, the jacket, or the shoes, the Justin Bieber flair has been just as responsible for outbreaks of ‘bieber fever’ as Justin Bieber music.
But when it comes to dressing it up, the still-teenager hasn’t been quite so consistent – Let’s look at some of his stylish highs and questionable lows from big-time events not long past.
You can count on Justin Bieber to be at just about every red carpet event, but you can’t always count on him being well-dressed. Many have tried to downplay the incident, but check out his duds at the 2011 American Music Awards: Biebs looked straight-up goofy in a tux that was about a size and a half too large, complete with archaic tails and ruffles. And that hairdo? Far from his usual stylish self, to say the least. While it looks like Bieber was trying to accommodate the wardrobe of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, it’s also only thanks to his young age that he’s able to get away with such a get-up.
On the other hand, Bieber looked every inch the part of styled celeb at the Golden Globes, with an outfit by Dolce & Gabana consisting of a charcoal-black tux, vest, and tie offset with a subtle pair of kicks and a relaxed hairstyle for just the right balance of class and attitude. Click here for pics of Justin Bieber to see what we’re talking about. Why the sudden turnaround in fashion sense? Don’t ask us – although you won’t see Selena Gomez in any of those photos though…
Lately Bieber has been on the upswing; his appearance in this month’s GQ shows him getting his most fashionable makover yet. Not only does it look like he’s finally ditched his boyish duds for a more tight-fitting and professional look, he’s also switched up his ‘do: no more bangs, the ‘bieber cut’ is now sleek and matches the debonair nature of his new dress. Hopefully the now-eighteen Bieber has grown out of bad and ill-fitting outfits for good (check out these Justin Bieber pictures from last year’s grammys to see what we mean).
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With his more upscale look and youthful energy, it’s probably a safe bet Bieber will be around for a while; best to keep an eye on him whenever he takes the red carpet.

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