A GoldenEye for Fashion -- James Bond Movies

[caption id="attachment_893" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sean Connery as the original James Bond -- lettredeparis.com"]Sean Connery as the original James Bond -- lettredeparis.com[/caption] In a bit of trivia that would doubtlessly make a number of us feel nostalgic (or even a little long in the years, maybe) super spy and agent of style James Bond is marking his 50th film anniversary this very year. Besides the new movie Skyfall, this momentous milestone is being marked by the launch of an exhibition presenting the substantial style of all things Bond. Presently located at the Barbican Centre in London and set to travel the world come October, it strives to thrill and delight Bond and film fans alike with an exhibitions of film props, set pieces, concept art, film clips, and costumes dating back to the first Bond flick. And as EON Productions, the company responsible for the James Bond film franchise, lent a helping hand to the process, it will doubtlessly prove to be an engrossing event for anyone fortunate enough to enjoy its displays. Of course, there is also the particularly noteworhty collection of tuxedos that stand elegantly at the event's core. From the breathtaking Anthony Sinclair piece that introduced us to Sean Connery's Bond to the Tom Ford tuxes that impeccably transformed Daniel Craig into the iconic spy, each formal ensemble is, without exaggeration, a pure example of style mastery. One of the most marvelous things about the James Bond costume design is its centricity to the films. Bond is by no measure a man who can slip by with outfits that rank any lower than extraordinary – after all, he's written to have high standards and exceptional style sensibilities. Best of all, it wasn't fortuitous timing or limelight bias that vaulted Bond to the upper echelons of men's formalwear; rather, it was the direct and indirect collaboration of some of the brightest minds in menswear over the course of 50 years. [caption id="attachment_901" align="aligncenter" width="265" caption="Look like Sean Connery in your very own shaw-collar tux."][/caption] It's no stretch at all to say that each individual garment stands at the top of its class. When combined together in this exhibition though, they'll doubtlessly prove to be so much more than the sum of their parts. This is full half century of men's formalwear history condensed in a manner that allows you to take it in all at once and witness the evolution of our most persevering, and perhaps most prevalent, style icon. We would be loathe to classify it as anything other than a must-see event for anyone with the means to attend! Enjoy the exhibition and be sure to relive your favorite Bond-related memories.

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