Tom Cruise: The Best Dressed Man in Cinema

Though he’s mostly been in the news lately for the Katie Holmes divorce, Tom Cruise hasn’t always been a simply tabloid-fodder star. Ever since his big-screen debut in 1981, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV has been one of America’s favorite actors for his dynamic leads, quirky cameos, and a consistently picture-perfect smile. Of course, his wardrobe on- or off-screen has never been one to disappoint, either. There’s an endless supply of great-look moments to choose from when it comes to ranking the man’s best outfits, so we thought we’d list some of our favorite Tom Cruise movies and take a look at the perfect ensemble to go with it. [caption id="attachment_907" align="aligncenter" width="181" caption="Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men --"]Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men --[/caption] A Few Good Men The classic 1992 thriller featured Cruise and Jack Nicholson in a courtroom setting, with Cruise as a military lawyer defending the actions of Nicholson and his Marines. It’s best known for its unforgettable lines (‘You can’t handle the truth!’) but it heads the list of best Tom Cruise movie outfits as well. With a neat professional haircut and prim military/lawyer attire, Cruise completed the transition from teenage heartthrob to respected star of the big screen. Risky Business Almost 10 years earlier, Cruise made his breakout role as preppy well-to-do turned troublemaker Joel Goodson. A comedy that defined a generation of restless youth, Risky Business is as remembered the image of Cruise grinning in shades and grey jacket as for it’s feel-good ending and plot of edgy hijinks. Plus, who could forget the shot of Goodson cruise sliding across the floor in his underwear? With the shirt to complete the outfit, it’s definitely one of the all-time Tom Cruise ensembles. Eyes Wide Shut Stanley Kubrick’s final film, 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut was a psychological thriller of the highest order, and a stunning performance by Cruise captivated audiences. Frequently cited as his most ‘out-there’ performance, Tom Cruise’s role in Eyes Wide Shut won him newfound respect from fellow actors and critics alike. Playing a distraught and sexually charged role in Dr. Bill Harford, Cruise looked every inch the professional physician in clean cut attire, and his costume at the haunting ball scene remains iconic. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol It might not have been Oscar material, but MI: Ghost Protocol was indeed a very fun thriller that featured Cruise in some of the most impressive outfits that can be found on the big screen. Playing Ethan Hunt in his fourth major motion picture, Cruise was dazzling in a midnight-blue notch lapel tux (similar to one you can find here), rugged in simple civilian togs, and coldly intimidating in a hooded leather jacket. Few spies have ever been as appropriately dressed for all occasions as Cruise’s Hunt, that’s for sure. [caption id="attachment_908" align="alignright" width="227" caption="The Ghost Protocol Tux --; image credit Paramount Pictures"][/caption] …And the list goes on. We didn’t even get to classics like The Color of Money or Rain Man, but we had to cut the list somewhere. The fact is, Cruise is a rare blend of style and talent, and we could easily go down the entire filmography on the Tom Cruise IMDB and find something worth talking about in every film.  So while he may not be perfect for Katie, it’s hard to imagine you could find a better star to model your personal look after.

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