Men's Formal Wear Tips For Easter

[caption id="attachment_1999" align="alignleft" width="223"]A black tux with splashes of spring colors on the tie and pocket square makes a perfect ensemble for Easter. A black tux with splashes of spring colors on the tie and pocket square makes a perfect ensemble for Easter.[/caption] With the holiest of holidays upon us this weekend, many are preparing their Easter formal wear, which has evolved from a long and well-known history. Easter sets high fashion expectations due to the desire to impress the congregation as well as dress comfortably for the spring season. This is one of the most important holidays since it’s a celebration while it also serves as a harbinger of spring fever approaching.  The weekend usually occurs at the end of March or early April bringing in a wave of warm weather and flowers blossoming.  Here are some helpful hints on how to dress for this Sunday's holiday! Typically, formal wear for men during any occasion should look as crisp and fresh as possible. Easter has a prominent theme of rebirth. Buying a new tuxedo can be a good move to look great at mass and on to any Easter egg hunts/family dinners later. Keep in mind; an old fashion style should be expected still.  Wearing a white cotton shirt with dark pants is an excellent ensemble considering it’s a breathable outfit to handle the heavy heat that may be present. Patent leather tuxedo shoes with strong supports are a great accessory for mass since the ceremonies tend to take some time. The rest of the holiday can range from Easter egg hunts to family dinners so keep up the relaxed look. A cotton button down tuxedo shirt is suitable for the rest of the day based on the events taking place. For any hunts, whether you are a participant or an observer, something lightweight and flexible is always the best route. While white tends to be the color for this holiday, it always looks the best when paired with dark tuxedo pants. Adding a tie to your outfit can work well for mass as well as family dinners. This is considered an important holiday for many families so this formal wear accessory should help convey more respect. While relaxation is important, a tie helps support a sense of respect for dinners and gives you a chance to experiment with colors as well. Hues that are typically associated with Easter are pink, purples and other flamboyant shades. Black and whites are complementary of any color but for a pop of color, stick to magenta or a violet shade. These add a splash of color symbolic of the holiday while keeping a simplistic set of shirts and pants makes a perfect statement of tribute and reverence. Ultimately, every family will celebrate this weekend differently based on their faith. Sunday is the day of celebration while Good Friday is supposed to be a somber occasion. Planning an outfit for that joyous Sunday is important since being prepared is the key to handle all the festivities. Tips to remember are dress lightly based on weather conditions, add some color to stand out, and just relax! Keep these in mind and you’ll have a great holiday ahead.

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