Top 5 Reasons Why Jake's Kate Upton Promposal is Awesome!

[caption id="attachment_1963" align="alignleft" width="208"]Would you go to prom with Jake? Would Kate Upton go to prom with Jake?[/caption] Take a look at one of the greatest promposal videos ever made! Jake Davidson, a single guy on the prowl for a prom date didn’t limit himself to just any fish in the sea. He aimed a bit higher and asked out the coveted cover model of this year's Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition, Kate Upton (well, he could've turned up the notch higher had he worn a tuxedo!). Here are a few reasons why Jake’s prom proposal is nothing less than fantastic.        
  1. KATE REPLIED! Once she saw the video, Kate Upton tweeted to Jake. Whenever reporters question her on the promposal, she smiles and delights, stating that “It's the cutest video I've ever seen. So creative. I loved it.” Kate was truly touched by the gesture. [caption id="attachment_1984" align="aligncenter" width="365"]Beautiful. Sexy. Awesome. - What else can you ask for? Beautiful. Sexy. Awesome. - What else can you ask for?[/caption]
  2. This guy has guts.  It takes a great amount of confidence to make a move like that. Asking out a classmate or girlfriend in men's formal wear is nerve-racking enough, but Jake took everything to the next level and asked out a supermodel. Jake’s spunk is the kind of thing that drives girls crazy. I’m sure he has plenty knocking on his door now that they know what a gutsy gentleman he is!
  3. Instant YouTube sensation. Are you ready for this? Jake’s video has earned not just a few average views but a total of 1.1 million views. Videos often take time to become as popular as Jake’s, but his prom proposal video went viral instantly. Now that’s impressive! He might even get to break PSY's record.


  4. Overnight celebrity. Not only did his promposal attract a tremendous amount of attention on YouTube, Jake’s stunt has also earned nationwide attention. His story was immediately covered by celebrity blogger From Perez Hilton and even had a guest show appearance at the Today Show - where he actually got to talk to Kate Upon over the phone!
  5. He’s rolls with the punches. "You’re the yin to my yang, I’m Jewish, 5’9 on a really good day – and I can’t dance at all," he cracked jokes at his own expense and praised Upton, his potential prom date, throughout his video.  And even after hearing her reply, Jake was a sweetheart. Talking to a supermodel can quickly go to one’s head, but Jake kept it cool. His reply to Kate’s tweet? “You truly are incredible. Just responding made my year, thanks so much! P.S. Hope your schedule is free!” He was humble, even when he didn't get a yes (not yet at least!). [caption id="attachment_1986" align="aligncenter" width="414"]This simple exchange of tweets made Jake's entire year! This simple exchange of tweets made Jake's entire year![/caption]

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