Stand Out in Camo Prom Tux

[caption id="attachment_1935" align="alignleft" width="184"] Your date will love your unconventional formal wear![/caption] When attending any formal event, it is essential to understand that your attire is an illustration of your personality.  Prom night is a once in a lifetime event where you have an opportunity to express the identity of your youth. There is a host of ways to accomplish this, however for a true man of nature there is one simple solution.  The camo tux is a popular style of men's formal wear that will have you standing out. Rather than blend in with your fellow classmates, highlight your fascination with the wilderness. There’s no better way to attend the big ball in a livelier fashion than going camo for prom. One of the great aspects of this tuxedo, and a reason for its considerable presence at prom events, is its versatile color scheme. Eliminating the use of bright colors, it sympathizes with the darker ones.  Shades of brown and green are mixed throughout the frame of the tuxedo jacket, so matching other accessories to the camo look is completely left to preference.  Items such as a bow tie can be of camo design as well, or completely black, in which case black tuxedo pants would best match the outfit.  If you feel ready to take on the wild, full camouflage is best. Even the lapels can be an alternate color, allowing for a more custom appearance. It is essential to accommodate yourself into your formal wear, and with this many options there won’t be another prom tux like yours out there. With a more customized and unique look, your prom date also has the luxury of many different color choices at her disposal. She may even be enticed to wear a camo dress to complement your look perfectly. Prom etiquette encourages couples to match in order to enhance their overall appearance.  With that being said, it’s best to decide on attire that isn’t limited to one design. The camo tux for prom may have a distinct pattern, but it is favorably susceptible, making prom planning easier for you and her. [caption id="attachment_1644" align="aligncenter" width="168"]Stand Out. Be Bold. Stand Out. Be Bold. Wear Camo.[/caption] The purpose of formal wear is to look dapper and grab the attention of others through style and a graceful appearance.  The way in which the camo tuxedo looks is meant to blend the characteristics of visual appeal and the refinement of evening wear, being the reason for its sustained popularity.  The tuxedo is also meant to match, not with its surroundings, but with your date and the rest of the items constituting the outfit.  So, whether you’re a lover of nature or just someone who understands the captivity of a natural design, going to prom wearing the lively colors of the woods will make you an image worth seeing. [caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="468"]ENTER CONTEST NOW! - DEADLINE OF ENTRIES IS ON MARCH 25. ENTER CONTEST NOW! - DEADLINE OF ENTRIES IS ON MARCH 25.[/caption]

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