Recycling Clothing: Reuse Your Tuxedo

[caption id="attachment_2223" align="alignleft" width="230"]Tuxedo Wedding photos aren't the only way to reuse your tuxedos.[/caption] So, you’ve gone and done it: the commitment, the promise to be forever faithful. No, we’re not talking about marriage, having a baby, or sticking to that diet to lose those last few pounds. We’re talking about the tuxedo commitment: the fruition of that much needed prom or wedding purchase that left you a few hundred dollars poorer and one tuxedo richer. And now that that event is over, what are you going to do with that tuxedo? Shove it into the dark recesses of your closet, where it can slowly but surely collect dust until the day you’re forced to get rid of it? How’s that for a lousy tuxedo commitment? We all hit that rut in any relationship where we need to spice things up again to keep the love alive. Renew that special feeling with your tuxedo by considering the following possibilities:

See an opera, ballet, or a Broadway show.

Take out that wedding tuxedo and dress up your night by treating yourself to a formal event in complementing formal attire. Aside from the experience of enjoying a night out, you get an opportunity to look your best in the outfit that marked one of the most important days of your life. Go with your friends, your wife, your girlfriend…go alone! Embrace your tuxedo commitment: it’s about time you get the chance to share some quality time at an engaging location in your most flattering, jaw-dropping outfit.

Go to a restaurant.

Take out your fancy dinner jacket and dress up in your most dapper of outfits. The restaurant staff is all groomed and prim, so why not you too? Don’t let tonight be the night you’re outshined by other people or garments. Make a bold statement from the moment you enter the restaurant in your fancy tuxedo, through the soup course where you elegantly sweep your formal neck tie aside so as not to spill on something so fine.

Informal dinner party

Dress up a pedestrian night, by dressing yourself up for dinner and making a night out of it with your friends. What ever happened to formal dinner parties? Invite your family and friends and dress up in your most impressive of outfits: your formal tuxedo. Complete your look with a dressy tuxedo shoe and bowtie and not only will you be the host of an inspired party, you will be the subject of admiration. Any one of these things will spruce up your night, while at the same time transform your tuxedo from a superfluous cloth into a dashing outfit that is both versatile and flattering.

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