Tuxedos for Summer Wedding Season

Summertime is here. That means wedding season is upon us. The calendars are filling up with save the dates and invites to summer themed nuptials. Maybe you’re the groomsman, or an honored guest, or even the lucky man himself. Either way, your wardrobe probably has you confounded. If you’re still clueless on which tuxedo you should wear for the big day,  keep reading for some great suggestions. Whether it's a brilliant beach bash, a ceremonial clambake, backyard or a big ballroom affair, a wedding offers a fantastic time to celebrate friends, family, and love. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops. There are few ensembles (other than the unacceptable costume looking get ups) that are considered “too much.” So, go for it, gentlemen. [caption id="attachment_2231" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Go for a midnight blue instead of black. Go for a midnight blue instead of black.[/caption] Summer is all about casual fun and effortless style. Take these free flow vibes to your wedding attire, with a twist of course. You don’t have to go entirely black for a black tie event. Opt for a different darker color instead. A modern midnight blue or navy tuxedo offers the chance for some subtle fun in the sun. You’ll exude confidence and poise without looking like a penguin of all sorts. Don’t forget a blue bow tie for an added touch of elegant flair. [caption id="attachment_2232" align="aligncenter" width="274"]Who says the bride can only wear white? Who says the bride can only wear white?[/caption] Go for the unexpected this season. The bride doesn’t have to be the only one wearing white. Just because you’re a guest, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little moment to shine in your stylish glory. A creamy, light white jacket will have you standing out in all the right ways. Trust us, you won’t regret it. [caption id="attachment_2233" align="aligncenter" width="208"]Go grey this season. Go grey this season.[/caption] Lightweight fabrics are best for this heavy heat-hitting season. Stray away from tired an all black look and opt for a slightly lighter color instead. Grey is the way to go. It provides a nice, chic contrast with a black lapel and a white tuxedo shirt. Go without the tie,  in an open button down if you’re on the beach with an all grey tuxedo. You’ll look comfortable, yet on trend and attention grabbing. If you look your best, you will be your best. Summer is all about sunshine and fun, fantastic days outside where the air is warm. Let your formal wear live a little. Take a dip in the deep end, and try some new trends. Don’t just run to your trusty black tuxedo for every formal occasion. Summer is a stupendous time for adventure.

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