Riding High With Pride

Sometimes our customers send us an email or a letter, or they give us a call just to thank us and let us know how well they've worn our tuxedos and accessories. And on occasion, we feel the warm and fuzzy urge to share these stories here with you, our loyal readers, so your hearts can swell a little with ours and you too can see how well-dressed the future will be. Chris Cumpton, a lovely woman and mother, came to us to outfit her seventeen-year-old son Colt, who's an accomplished young man and recent high school graduate actively involved in showing horses. As the President-elect of the American Junior Paint Horse Association he has much influence and many eyes upon him, and his leadership drive has apparently evolved into something that we can all relate to, young or old, rustic or urban: the creativity and fashion sense to lead style. One of the most rewarding aspects of being in the men's formal wear business is seeing what brilliant minds can do with beautiful tuxedos, and Colt is an excellent example of why it excites us so much to learn how the younger generations are embracing formal fashion. We're told that Colt wore his tuxedo first for his high school senior portrait, then later took to wearing it — complete with equestrian-themed cufflinks & studs [caption id="attachment_582" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Colt Cumpton in his Tuxedo (with friend)"][/caption] — when showing his paint horses, apparently to the great acclaim of his colleagues and his crowd. He took a chance, struck a trend, and looked great, and we hope to see more from him and young lads like him in the future. Thank you for your letter, ma'am. We couldn't have been more happy to hear from you, and we wish you and Colt many more success stories.

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