The Comeback Tux

[caption id="attachment_591" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Classic 2 Button Tuxedo with Notch Lapel"]Classic 2 Button Tuxedo with Notch Lapel[/caption] Good news, our tuxedo-loving brothers: the days of thinner ties — and thus a thinner tuxedo presence at formal events — are, well, thinning out, and tuxedo sales are slowly but surely climbing once again. Can we get a "hip, hip, hooray!"? Oh who are we kidding, of course we can. To the point though, to what do we owe this exciting pleasure? Well, in addition to the declining popularity of less tuxedo-friendly ties and accessories and more relaxed standards of dress, the rising prevalence of bow ties in both casual and formal men's fashion has worked to restore some of the spotlight on our beloved tuxes. A recent article by The Wall Street Journal explores this new development in greater depth, offering encouraging statistics and trends in the men's formalwear industry while also expanding on something that we're really excited about ourselves. What, you ask? Why we'll tell you, good reader. We're witnessing the evolution of the tuxedo as our brightest designers are coming to master the fusion of tuxedo formality with the more adaptable fit of a suit. The overall effect is a more streamlined piece that caters to a more casually and creatively formal aesthetic without sacrificing the pure elegance of a fine tuxedo. Combined with aforementioned efforts like The Situation's tuxedo line and the limitless acclaim hoisted onto the sublime style of tuxedo-donning celebrities like Jon Hamm, the future of our favorite formalwear staple has never looked brighter. Keep your eye out for new cuts, new styles, and freshly creative ways to take the traditional tuxedo and transform it into your own expression of style. Over here on our end, we can hardly wait to start showing off some new cuts, new styles, and new looks.

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