Rock A Radiant Red Tuxedo For Prom

[caption id="attachment_1914" align="alignleft" width="191"]Make a bold statement by wearing a red prom tuxedo. Make a bold statement by wearing a red prom tuxedo.[/caption] Prom night is a momentous occasion in almost every teenager's life. As an American tradition, this evening affair typically calls for the classic black tie attire, but are you going to let that limit your options when it comes to style? It’s time to stir up tradition with some fun, fantastic flair. Forget black, and go for a radiant red tuxedo this year at prom. This brilliant color will help you make the ultimate statement for that special night. Clothing (and it’s color) says a lot of the wearer. Red is an extremely bold color. It immediately grabs your attention. The hue is positive, powerful, and easily promotes a dominant and assertive demeanor. Red gives off the impression that one who so boldly wears this magnificent color contains a heavy amount of confidence - a true man of spirited style who isn't afraid of making a statement. Now that’s a man every young woman would want to take as a prom date. If you’re ready to take your look to the next level. Go all red - red tuxedo shirt, red bow tie, red tuxedo vest - wear red everything. The scarlet tones will be anything but subtle. They’ll work to make your prom tuxedo striking and extravagant. You’ll definitely make a lasting impact at prom with this exciting formal wear. It’s daring and different, and so are you. Be fearless this year and go all out with red. But keep confidence close to your side. You'll look ridiculous if you don't stand tall and rock this ensemble with an immense amount. Don't let these garments wear the man. You can also make a small splash with a crisp, red dinner jacket. This color will add wondrous warmth to your look. Let this piece instantly bring elegance, charm and fresh romance to your prom tux. Make your date feel your passion just by simply looking at you. This color stimulates the senses in every way imaginable. A red jacket with a black lapel and trim paired with black tuxedo trousers brings a level of contrast that is key in creating this spunky and spectacular getup. Toss your average image of  men's formal wear aside and turn up the heat. Try adding a little spice and flavor to your prom tuxedo and opt for a brilliant and blossoming red that will have all eyes on you as soon as you walk through the door. Remember, this is your night. Let your profound prom outfit help you make a significant statement. Have fun this year - 2013 is all about standing out, having fun, and always keeping it classy. [caption id="attachment_1768" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo! Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo![/caption]

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