Suit Up! Formal Wear For Everyday Occasions

[caption id="attachment_1469" align="alignleft" width="230" caption="Barney Stinson is simply legen - wait for it - dary."][/caption] While both concepts of dressing to impress and dressing for success are well known when it comes to interviews and dates, there are other, perhaps simpler, things to consider. Why not dress nicely even if it's simply for yourself? You don’t need a special event to flaunt your style and show off your assets. Women often dress themselves up to feel good, why shouldn't men? Now I know what you’re probably thinking. "Is it really worth all the trouble? What’s the point of dressing up if it’s not for any special occasion?" Throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt provides an easy attire for everyday wear. It is certainly tempting to go out to a bar in the same outfit. But take a moment to think about the possibilities of putting your best foot forward and adding a little extra effort. When you know you look good, your confidence gets a natural boost. Consider Barney Stinson from the hit comedy How I Met Your Mother. He is never seen without a suit and he has confidence to boot. One of his most recognizable catch phrases is, “suit up!” He often prompts others to dress like him, while his suit becomes part of his iconic look and charm. Despite a few personality quirks, Barney has a lot going for him. [caption id="attachment_1392" align="aligncenter" width="344" caption="Barney Stinson used to be a hippie, until he suited up and became legendary."][/caption] Dressing a little nicer for a night out with the guys can prove to be highly beneficial. While they may make a snide comment on your shiny patent leather shoes or your fancy black bow tie, the joke is on them. When you are confident with yourself, you are also more likely to take risks. That girl who has always seemed too high above you, may start to look like she is on level ground. The look will catch a woman’s interest while the confidence will reel her in. Let me reiterate one thing, confidence is very attractive to women. It creates a distinct air that makes men (or women, for that matter) irresistible. Again, looking at Barney, despite his obvious womanizing acts, girls can’t help but be attracted to his magnetic charm. You don’t necessarily need a full tux with tails for everyday wear, but a nice pair of black tuxedo pants can provide a sharp look. Even if you just decide to go out in a classic Cardi tuxedo shirt with or without a tie, it's a nice outfit that is sure to turn heads. The wonderful thing about going out is you never really know who you will meet. You may be stuck waiting in line at a coffee shop and strike up a conversation. It’s possible to make connections just about anywhere. Maybe that guy you just helped with his coffee is the head of his company and is impressed by your actions and look. There is no time like the present to take advantage of opportunities. If you are always conscious of how you dress and make an effort, then you can be prepared for any situation. Now I am just speculating of course. You can’t guarantee that looking nice will make all of your dreams come true. But the confidence it will instill is invaluable. It’s easy to dismiss a person who looks sloppy. That is the case for pretty much any situation. If deciding to put on a button up shirt or a nice pair of shoes can make a difference in your attitude then I say, “suit up!”

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