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What's Hot in Men’s Formal Wear for 2013?

[caption id="attachment_1471" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The evolution of men's formal wear has been very subtle yet so significant. Sometimes, merely adding colors and choosing a different texture for the fabric can make all the difference! Find out what's trendy this coming year."][/caption] Trends and fads are forever changing, making fashion a fickle friend. There is, however, one thing that has remained pretty consistent over the years:  men’s formal wear. Wearing nice suits and fancy bow ties to special occasions has always been stylish and classy, and is generally guaranteed to get you a nod of approval. But even the classic suit...

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Men's Formal Wear: Fashion Trends for Fall 2012

Finally we emerge from beneath the oppressive heat of the summer sun and into the salvation of fall. It's a relief, is it not? Well, unless you yearn to wear that white dinner jacket, we suppose, in which case we offer our most sincere condolences. Wherever your season allegiances are though, surely we can all agree on the joy of one of the more exciting facets of the northern hemisphere's shift toward autumn: a new season for men's formal fashion. After all, fall is always a great time for us because it brings with it an embrace of a more...

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