The Oscars 2013: Men's Formal Wear Predictions

[caption id="attachment_1690" align="alignleft" width="240"]Are you ready for this year's Oscars? Are you ready for this year's Oscars?[/caption] It's that time again, gentlemen, when celebrities from all walks of fame converge upon the Dolby Theater to either be given a statuette in commemoration of their talent or else to offer up several hours of polite (and potentially bitter) applause while dressed to the nines. Ah, Hollywood. From where we stand, however, there's something far more exciting than waiting to see which films the academy will acknowledge as creams of the crop. No, we don't mean keeping our ears open for any awkward moments surrounding Argo's snub; we are, of course, talking about witnessing the continued shift away from suits and back towards the tuxedo. This year, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we've already heard some very interesting reports on what we should – and could – expect from the men of the moving pictures. And we must admit to feeling a heightened sense of anticipation as a result. First and foremost we hear the President himself (or rather, the obscenely talented man who played the titular Lincoln), Daniel Day Lewis, has wisely opted for a single breasted, grosgrain shawl lapel tuxedo created by Italian-American designer Domenico Vacca. Whether he goes with a black tux or navy, however, remains to be seen. Maybe you've heard of Vacca's line before. Perhaps you haven't. Either way, you've almost assuredly seen his work as he boasts a diverse customer list that includes the likes of Dustin Hoffman, John Malkovich, Kanye West, Steve Carrel, Antonio Banderas, Mickey Rourke, Jeremy Piven and Denzel Washington. Suffice it to say, this is a designer who knows his craft every bit as well as Daniel Day Lewis understands his own. Secondly, the long-loved Alan Arkin will also be dressed by Vacca. Word is he'll wear a simple single breasted black tuxedo with a notch lapel for the kind of timelessly sophisticated look that suits him so very well. And finally, The Hollywood Reporter reports on the rumor that host Seth MacFarlane has an arsenal of two Gucci designer tuxedos at his disposal. People are keeping mum on that collaboration though, so we'll all just have to wait to see the final product. Whether you intend to watch the Oscars this year or are content to fill yourself in after the fact, do keep an eye out for the red carpet because we're expecting what will assuredly be some impeccable formal looks. We doubt you'll be disappointed.

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