Tradition with a Twist

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240"] Dare to be different and change up a classic.[/caption] When it comes to tuxedos, traditional is always best. But what if you're tired of the classics, and looking for a dashing and less conservative change? Look no further. Today, gentlemen, we show you how to add a little spark to your best-kept classics. The idea is to stick to what you know, but to bring a bit of your own flair. Personal style is key. Let your charismatic personality shine right through your elegant ensemble. After all, the clothes tend to say a lot about the man. What do you want your look to say? If you're only interested in dipping your toe in this pool of discovery, that’s okay. Take it slow. Rock a traditional black tuxedo, but break out some bold and bright accessories. Shy away from patterns that are too boisterous - instead, go for a radiant red tie that will stand out against your dark look. Use your accessories as a focal point. They'll make the tuxedo pop without you looking like you're trying too hard.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="271"] Be bold with your style![/caption] If you're ready to dig a little deeper, we can help you with that too. Try to avoid dressing in all black if you're looking to mix things up a bit. By adding one statement piece, your look changes entirely - for example, a colored jacket can do wonders. A vibrant red really stands out, but don’t just go for anything that immediately seems loud to you. You don’t have to stray too far from the classic. Try its shadow on for size, and wear a grey tuxedo jacket to your next formal affair. If you want even more of a contrast, a white jacket will do just the trick. Do not go too heavy on accessory color with this one, gents. You will overload the outfit without meaning to. Keep things simple, and have fun. If the colored jacket is already a hot staple in your wardrobe, try to add some color to your pant selection. If you attempt colored pants, make sure that you balance out the look by wearing a traditional black jacket. Use your next formal occasion to bring about a great change to the way we think of men’s formal wear. A colored tuxedo pant will draw some much needed attention to the man who deserves it all. Stand tall, because you’re the one to watch tonight. Remember, when you’re looking for a small change, it’s all in the accessories. Ready for something bigger? Try out a stand up piece on top. And if you’re really ready to dive right in, then change up the scene entirely with a colored tuxedo pant. Last but certainly not least, ensure that your tuxedo is properly fitted. With a comfortable and well-fitted ensemble, you will exude great confidence and poise.

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