Tuxedo Accessories for the Holidays

[caption id="attachment_2527" align="alignleft" width="161"]tux102 The best looking men in tuxedos, are the ones with the best accessories![/caption] The holiday season is all about igniting that extra “spark” of spirit. To do this, many people hang up bright lights all over their property, play cheerful music, or even dress up their clothing. It's very easy to spruce up your outfit to help increase your holiday cheer. Here are the best tuxedo accessories for the holidays:


Although men's tuxedo shirts are dapper on their own, it never hurts to add a little more spice to the package. You can do this in a few different ways. The easiest way is by adding a drop of color to your look. Whether you change your cuff links, buttons, or pocket handkerchief, any addition will not only add to your sophisticated look, but the bright color will make everyone around you happy and cheerful as well. It really doesn't matter which colors you decide to wear: as long as you feel confident and sexy in them, it's sure to show. Select a color that is most representative of the holiday spirit for you. Another way to accessorize your shirt is by donning the white wing collar tuxedo shirt. This shirt is both chic and dignified, adding a dash of personality to an already bold shirt.

Shoes and Socks

A more toned-down way to dress up your formal wear look is by sprucing up your tuxedo shoes for men. Often, people will neglect to shine their shoes, and this results in an impeccable outfit marred by scruffy shoes and worn-down heels. One of the simplest, yet easily overlooked, ways of brightening up your outfit is by improving the quality of your shoes. As long as they look shiny and cared-for, the rest of your outfit will easily fall into place. Don't forget that a good pair of dress-socks can also make an outfit shine. Try daring designs, audacious solids, intrepid patterns—or even stick to your basic blacks (just make sure the socks are still actually black and not streaked with gray or white dirt). The important thing is to wear your dress socks with pride. You can even wear them in your favorite holiday color to give your look that extra poof of pizazz.


Especially with the weather being what it is, wearing a nice formal scarf can really improve both your outfit and your level of comfort. And with these fancy accessories, you don't need to compromise style for warmth: designed in a way to be both fashionable and cozy, these scarves can do wonders during these next few weeks of cold, wind, rain, and snow. As an added bonus, you can get a colorful scarf so you can stand out in stark contrast to the dreariness of the weather. The right accessory can really change a pedestrian outfit into clothing that is really worthy of the holiday spirit. Just remember, no matter what you wear, as long as you wear it with pride and good cheer, you're sure to make favorable impressions. Don't forget to share the holiday spirit with everyone you pass by!

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