Wedding Tuxedo Trends For Spring 2013

[caption id="attachment_2028" align="alignleft" width="217"]Keep your wedding wardrobe current and fresh. Keep your wedding wardrobe current and fresh.[/caption] The trend for spring weddings this year is eccentricity.  The contemporary groom has let loose from those restrictions that were all too common in previous years, allowing for a more personal approach to his formal wear. This wedding season will be an exposé of mixing colors, self-declaration, and exploration into the styles of the past, with a touch of what is modern.  As before, the bride is still the focus for any wedding arrangement.  However, the groom is receiving more strain and attention than previously shown.  In response, wedding tuxedo fashions have developed in order to help a man look his best on the wedding day. Brightening up the nuptial celebration with a host of floral colors is a given for the season of blooming.  The most common colors this spring are: purple, aqua, royal blue, pink, and green in either pastel or brighter shades.  Your tuxedo accessories can be made up of any of these colors without necessarily matching the bridesmaids.  Yes,  this is true.  For three piece tuxedos, more often the vest is now suited to complement the stitching of the jacket, while the tux accessories match to the counterpart’s dresses instead. This makes the overall appearance of the tux stand out, rather than just fitting into a scheme.  What’s underneath the tuxedo jacket has become the focal point to accomplishing a look of reverence mixed with style. [caption id="attachment_2030" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Make a statement at your wedding with a trendy tux. Make a statement at your wedding with a trendy tux.[/caption] There is a vintage theme emerging into men’s formal wear for weddings - the 1920's style has reappeared. Men are back to a tight fitting, single-breasted jacket with one or two buttons, and narrow tuxedo pants that aren’t tapered. In admiration of the classic style, the navy blue tuxedo has become a trendy option for weddings even though its dark rendering  is invaluable for the spring. Typically, you’d find lighter colored tuxedos for warmer weather, but the midnight blue has become iconic and always makes a big splash for every formal event.  Mixed with the right blend of colors, it can be perfect for a wedding. [caption id="attachment_2029" align="aligncenter" width="270"]Bring a silver lining to your formal wear. Bring a silver lining to your formal wear.[/caption] A lot of design is going into wedding outfits as well.  There’s no desire anymore for plain, boring men’s formal attire. This spring, expect to see mismatched patterns too, like checks with gingham. Depending on the layout of the tux itself, you may discover patterns going into bow ties or tuxedo vests as well, as this trend is also becoming popular for wedding fashion. Spring 2013 will bring forth many transitions to the style of tuxedos, from classic to existing fashion, and even a mix of the two. Don’t anticipate any real neglect to this season's standards of color, rather look for more intricate color schemes. Expect a new and stylish group of groomsmen this season.

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