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Size 4XL Tuxedo Shirts

One of the easiest ways to put a damper on the dapperness of your formal ensemble is to wear a shirt that doesn't fit. Doing so invites wrinkles, bulk, and a level of sloppiness that can undermine the beauty of even the finest formal shirts.

That said, we understand that sometimes the process of finding a formal shirt that not only suits your style but fits your frame as well can seem like more hassle than it's worth “ especially for the big & tall gentleman who wears size 4XL. But we also know firsthand that there's a lot of great 4XL tuxedo shirts available in all styles “ laydown collar and wing collar, pleated and non-pleated “ so we put this collection together to make the process a little more convenient.
It's our sincerest hope that you can find the right shirt for you here within these pages. You may also want to view our size 4xl tuxedo vests as well.