Autumn Venetian Tuxedo Vest

Autumn Venetian Tuxedo Vest and Tie Set

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Vest comes with tie as depicted in image.

  • Autumn Tuxedo Vest
  • Venetian Pattern
  • 5 Button Front
  • High End Interwoven Fabric
  • Side Pockets
  • Full Back Design
  • Back of Vest is White
  • Available in "Long" Sizes for Gentleman 6'1" or Taller
  • Sizes: XS-5XL

Don't take the fall-themed name of this autumn venetian vest too much to heart; with its rich, hearty color this stunning formal accessory will work wonders on your tuxedo year round, whether you're using it to mature a summer look or to warm up your ensemble throughout the winter season.

Beyond the impact of its color is the strength of its design, which begins with a beautiful, high end interwoven fabric in a Venetian pattern and finishes with a five button front, a white back, and side pockets for a very subtle, very sophisticated look.

Available in sizes XS-5XL with Long options for gentlemen who are 6'1" and taller.

Love the color? Then either pair this gorgeous formal vest with a matching autumn bow tie, long tie, and/or pocket hanky or take a gander at our full selection of Autumn Tuxedo Vests.

Autumn Venetian Tuxedo Vest on Sale. This GORGEOUS formal vest is available with matching Autumn ties and pocket square. Sizes XS-5XL Tall. Shop Now & Save!!
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