Blush Tapestry Style Cummerbund Set

Blush Tapestry Style Cummerbund Set

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  • Blush Cummerbund & Bow Tie Set
  • High-Quality Tapestry Paisley Pattern
  • Satin Fabric
  • Adjustable Elastic Back
  • Cummerbund Extender Available for Waist Sizes 48 and Larger


Don't be shy; have a little fun with your style instead with this lovely blush cummerbund set. Featuring a paisley pattern that sets a understated shade of light pink atop a white background, it has a fantastic airiness about it, imbuing it with a sweetness and innocence that contrast beautifully well against the maturity of the standard tuxedo aesthetic.

This set comes complete with an elastic back cummerbund and matching blush bow tie, both of which are made from a fantastic €œPremier €? satin material. The cummerbund is adjustable up to size 46. In order to ensure a proper fit, gentlemen who wear a 48 or larger should consider buying a cummerbund extender as well.
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Tapestry pattern cummerbund in pink by Cristoforo Cardi. Big and tall sizes available. Adjustable elastic band for comfort fit. See it here.
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