Clover Green "Premier" Satin Cummerbund Set

Clover Green "Premier" Satin Cummerbund Set

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  • Clover Green Cummerbund & Bow Tie Set
  • High-Quality Premier Solid Satin
  • Adjustable Elastic Back
  • Matching Clover Bow Tie Included
  • Cummerbund Extender Available for Waist Sizes 48 and Larger

There's a natural energy to green, and this clover satin cummerbund set carries it with a certain liveliness that's very much true to its namesake. Cast in a vibrant, mid-toned shade of the color, it also bears the auras of maturity, wisdom, joy, and liveliness, making it an excellent choice for looks that cover the full style spectrum from high standard to formal-casual.

This set will come complete with a cummerbund and bow tie made of high quality "premier" satin, and we offer a matching clover green pocket hanky at extra charge. Also available is a cummerbund extender for gentlemen with waists sized 48 and larger.
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Clover Green Bow Tie & Cummerbund Set from the Christoforo Cardi Collection. Available in Large Sizes for Big Men. Currently on Sale...Shop Now & Save!
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