Heather "Premier" Satin Tuxedo Vest

Heather "Premier" Satin Tuxedo Vest and Tie Set

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Vest comes with tie as depicted in image.

  • Heather Tuxedo Vest
  • 5-Button Front Style
  • "Premier" Solid Satin Fabric
  • Faux Besom Pockets
  • Full Back Design
  • Back of Vest: White
  • Available with Heather Matching Bow Tie or Long Tie
  • Sizes: XS- 5XL Tall

Opt for a cheerier and more bright sense of formal flair with this delightful heather tuxedo vest. Its light, almost pastel shade of purple embodies all the warmth and vitality of a spring day while exercising just enough restraint to make it a viable choice across a variety of events. If you're looking to buy a formal vest that will bring some fun color to your style culture, then do consider this great garment.

Made of a lovely "Premier" satin fabric and boasting a five button front, faux besom side pockets, a full back, and an elastic adjuster, the attractiveness and appropriateness of this formal vest thrive in its every detail. Whether you purchase it alone or combine it with its matching heather bow tie, long tie, and/or pocket hanky, it's sure to make a wonderful contribution to your tuxedo.
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Heather Premier Solid Satin Formal Vest on Sale. This GORGEOUS Vest is Available with Matching Heather Ties and Pocket Square. Sizes: XS-5XL Tall. Shop Now & Save!!
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