Formal Fashion for Cruise Season

[caption id="attachment_2551" align="alignleft" width="200"]ralphlauren-parkave Set the tone for an elegant evening on your cruise.[/caption] Winter is beginning: snow is piling up, wind is storming outside, and the cold air permeates everything. What better time than now to go on a cruise? Bear in mind that, although you may not encounter blizzards and intense snowstorms on a cruise in the middle of the ocean, the weather will not be warm either. A cruise is a great way to spend a few days enjoying vacation and relaxing, so you want to get the most out of it. Arranging formal dinners, dances, or even just a night out on the sparkling water is a great way to showcase some fabulous formal wear fashion. Consider bringing something from home. Here are some suggestions for what to pack:

Ralph Lauren Diplomat Tuxedo

The Ralph Lauren Diplomat Tuxedo—Super 120’s Wool Tuxedo is a favorite when it comes to cruise season fashion. Just the name suggests its class and comfort: made from a very soft wool fabric with deluxe inside lining, this formal wear suit will keep you warm and insulated, even with the cool ocean breeze. Furthermore, its sleek design is the perfect accompaniment for the gentle waves the lap against the boat.

Galante Uomo Tuxedo

The 2 Button Notch Tuxedo by Galante Uomo—Super 110’s Virgin Wool (made in Italy!) is another great option. Similar to the Ralph Lauren Tuxedo, this dapper outfit will not only have you looking slim and sexy, but warm and comfortable too. With their 40 years of experience, this tuxedo company really understands fabrics and knows how to manipulate the material to produce an outfit made to the highest quality. This suit will really give you a quality piece that is both affordable and handsome.

White Dinner Jacket

When it comes to sexy, the White Dinner Jacket—Classic 1 Button Shawl Lapel is definitely the way to go. Wearing a dinner jacket, especially in a color as progressive and bold as white, is a great way to dress up your evening wear. So whether it’s a nice dinner, the dance floor, or watching the sunset as you lounge on the ship’s deck, this jacket will have you looking cool and sexy.


As long as you’re going on a vacation, you may as well look your best. So dress up your new tuxedo with some fantastic accessories. Even by adding a bowtie you can change a dull outfit into an elegant creation. Add a pair of formal gloves, a dashing cummerbund, or even just a nice scarf to keep you warm. Accessories give you a way to express your individuality while still maintaining a stylish and sophisticated look. Even adding a chic cufflink can transform a nondescript suit into a remarkable display.

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