Formal Wear For The Reluctant

[caption id="attachment_2556" align="alignleft" width="222"]scared_guy_185334 Are you reluctant to try formal wear?[/caption] There are countless formal wear pieces that are not at all uncomfortable, yet instantly make you look more put together and chic. Each man is different, so not all of these pieces will work for everyone. For this reason, choose something that speaks to your personal style and overall preference. All of these things will instantly dress up a typical tuxedo or suit to have you looking stylish and trendy without much effort.

Tuxedo Vest

In terms of accessorizing formal wear, a tuxedo vest allows a man to showcase his personal style. With a variety of colors, designs and materials, a vest can be chosen to complement his tie, his date’s outfit or even to match the specific occasion or special event. They come in traditional fits or even backless ones that may fit even more comfortably. Opt for a matching bow tie or pocket square to complete the look.  

Tuxedo Shoes

A nice pair of formal tuxedo shoes will complete the overall look or make any suit or tuxedo looks its best. Shoes come in a variety of colors and materials to match each outfit the best.  

Suspenders or Braces

Want to make your outfit look a little bit different then the ordinary? Formal suspenders or braces hold up the pants as traditional tuxedo trousers don’t have belt loops. This makes it very common for many men to need them. Braces are great for trousers since they don’t have the inside buttons to adjust, the pants fit their best. Ultimately, formal wear should fit well in order to look its best.  

Top Hats

A formal top hat is a nice touch to finish a formal wear ensemble. Whether white or black, one can be chosen to complement the tuxedo or tailcoat the best. Made from wool, they come in different sizes to fit every man. To add a little j’en sais quoi to an outfit, try adding a hat!


Another great way to express your individuality when wearing formal wear is with a scarf. Not only will this spice up a look, but also exhibits a classic style that will never get old and can be worn for years to come. Choose a satin or silk variation.


A simpler yet still sophisticated formal wear accessory is a pair of formal gloves. This allows a man to stand out, but in a classic way that doesn’t seem unfitting or over the top. Gloves are available in a variety of colors to match every look.

Ties and Cummerbunds

Perhaps the most obvious accessory for formal wear is a tie or cummerbund. They offer a distinctive look that is both traditional, but also allows a man to show his personal style. Choose a long tie, short tie, skinny tie or bow tie to match the tuxedo or the occasion. Cummerbunds come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns too to make bringing the entire formal wear attire together in an effortless way.

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