I Now Pronounce You Groomzilla and Wife?

weddingWe're all familiar with the Bridezilla. The take-no-prisoners look burning in their eyes. The Hulkesque mental transformation into fighters fueled not by rage but by perfectionism. The often humorous, sometimes horrifying way that they devote an Olympic level of planning to each minute detail, until they've pieced them all together to form a wedding so ideal that it's without any known flaws. Etcetera.

Naturally, some men are more familiar with them than others, and not necessarily because they've looked into the eyes of a Bridezilla. Instead, because they themselves are making the transition from eager husbands-to-be to men so determined to plan the perfect wedding that they will tear down buildings to create a better backdrop for their official portraits. Or so suggests a recent survey conducted by David's Bridal anyway, albeit with a touch more neutrality. [caption id="attachment_2265" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Groomzilla 2 out of 3 men are likely to turn into a Groomzilla.[/caption] According to their results, a full two thirds of brides surveyed believe that there's at least one thing that will send their grooms down the treacherous path towards becoming Groomzillas. Like coming up with a solid guest list, choosing the right music, and planning the whole honeymoon shebang. [caption id="attachment_2266" align="aligncenter" width="300"]groomzila What buttons would turn your man into a Groomzilla?[/caption] Notably absent from that list is dressing oneself, though. Another look at the statistics shows that a whopping 40% of ladies surveyed don't trust the loves of their lives to choose their own wedding tuxedos, indicating that while more men are taking wedding planning by its horns, the Bridezilla remains a formidable opponent. Though really, the more appropriate word here is ally, with 83% of surveyed brides saying that their grooms are involved on a significant level in the whole wedding planning experience. [caption id="attachment_2267" align="aligncenter" width="300"]groomzila Who is the stronger Zilla?[/caption] Which means you shouldn't unsheathe your claws yet, gentlemen. And you needn't worry about defending your planning territory, ladies. Though the potential for 'zilladom exists on either side of the altar these days, the shift we're seeing towards men isn't about to become an all-out battle of wills. Rather, what's taking shape is a system where men become more invested and involved in wedding planning to ensure that their big day is exactly that – a mutual effort that celebrates two people instead of a single vision. Even if that effort is celebrating a pair of 'zillas. That said, regardless of whether you're content to stand in the wings while your wedding forms around you or are pounding the pavement to find the perfect florist for your big day, we wish all brides and grooms a top wedding to remember and a lifetime of happiness.

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