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Men's Formal Wear: Fashion Trends for Fall 2012

Finally we emerge from beneath the oppressive heat of the summer sun and into the salvation of fall. It's a relief, is it not? Well, unless you yearn to wear that white dinner jacket, we suppose, in which case we offer our most sincere condolences. Wherever your season allegiances are though, surely we can all agree on the joy of one of the more exciting facets of the northern hemisphere's shift toward autumn: a new season for men's formal fashion. After all, fall is always a great time for us because it brings with it an embrace of a more...

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The Perfect Tuxedo for Fall

The leaves are starting to change color, the air is losing its sweltering feel, and the calendar year is ending in a few months. We are familiar with this time of the year, yet it always seems to sneak up on us. Upon arrival you're always asking yourself, "where did the year go?” At least, I always ask that question. Obviously, with the change in weather patterns, we must adapt accordingly by dressing more warmly - long sleeved shirts instead of v-necks, jeans over shorts, and sneakers as opposed to flip-flops. We already know not to wear summer attires during fall,...

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