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Last Minute Formal Holiday Attire for Men

It’s that time of year—the time when we’re all getting invited to holiday parties! In addition to the big family gatherings, friends want to have parties, too.  Then there’s the sometimes-dreaded work social gathering. While some women start planning their holiday outfits a month in advance, men don’t always think that far ahead. Here are a few last minute formal holiday looks that can serve you well at a formal dinner, business event, or holiday service. The Full Tuxedo It might seem like overkill, but an elegant tuxedo like the 2 button peak lapel tuxedo by Ike Behar will make...

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Men's Formal Wear: Festive Options For The Holiday Season

[caption id="attachment_1344" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Adding a dash of color to your outfit will instantly brighten up your formal wear look."][/caption] With any holiday season comes many occasions that require you to dress up. Have an office holiday party coming up? Make a good impression with a smart look. Perhaps your girlfriend has invited you to a cocktail party on New Year's eve, and you know she wants you to dress nicely. Or maybe you are single, and just want to have some fun while looking classy. No matter what the occasion, having options is always a good idea. There are...

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Where was Your Tuxedo Last Night?

Man, last night was killer. Good thing you don't have to return those clothes, right? Read about how buying your tux might be the better move. [youtube width=392 height=221]DmEan87q6xo[/youtube] Once upon a time in the world of men's formal fashion, smart guys forwent buying their own tuxedos in favor of picking up a rental. By the light of the almighty dollar, this trend made perfect sense. After all, rentals were widely considered to be the thrifty alternative to the $400+ fully owned tuxedo, which is why the gentlemen who chose that route were considered wise in their spending. Fast forward...

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