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Staying Cool with Summer Style

[caption id="attachment_2255" align="alignleft" width="162"] Look and feel fresh this summer at your next formal wear event.[/caption] June 21 marked the first day of summer of 2013. The weather is turning up, with no plans to stop. The hotter months of the year provide plenty of vacation times and events. Friends and family often pull off all the stops to throw a big bash. From Memorial Day to a dear friend's wedding, you're schedule is sure to be packed with a supreme amount of formal events. The thought alone is most likely causing you to sweat, and you're not even there yet. Don't fret,...

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3 Formal Wear Events To Look Forward To

[caption id="attachment_2122" align="alignright" width="300"] Gatsby knows how to have a good time AND look good.[/caption] With awards season a distant memory as the warm weather approaches, formal wear for men is going to have a new outlet this summer. Various events occurring during the warmer months of the season present a great platform for celebrities to experiment with their looks and light the fire to ignite a new series of trends! Summer stands out as a fashionable and fun time of the year due to the slew of big summer movies, cookouts, fireworks celebrations, etc. Here are a few events...

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