Top 3 Prom Proposals That Went Viral

With high school prom nights fast approaching, the promposal craze is at its all-time peak; and with today’s rapid advancements in technology, it is easier than ever to capture these moments and share it online, where then it becomes accessible to the entire world. Most promposal videos receive a significant amount of attention. However, there are a few that trigger an overwhelming response and a good amount of consequences (both good and bad). [caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="468"]ENTER CONTEST NOW! ENTER CONTEST NOW![/caption]

Loud And Clear – Promposing Through Football Field Speakers


In this YouTube video that got over half a million hits, a young man is granted access to the loudspeaker at the school’s sports field and makes a vocal spectacle in front of a large audience.  His audacious spirit gets a lot of giddy girls screaming and one admired girl flattered enough to say “yes,” not to mention all the attention he got from YouTube users.  This promposal is definitely one to format your own from.  Maybe instead of using speakers at your track field, you can use the ones linked to each classroom of your school. You can even make it more romantic by showing up in a snazzy tux.

Connecticut Student Gets Banned From Prom for His Awesome Proposal

[caption id="attachment_1832" align="aligncenter" width="350"]James Tate got banned from his school's prom because of this larger than life promposal. James Tate got banned from his school's prom because of this larger than life promposal.[/caption] James Tate wanted everyone in school to know how big and romantic his promposal was, so he put up a big message on Shelton High School building’s wall, asking Sonali to prom. The consequence: school officials got mad, accused him of trespassing, and banned him from attending prom. The incident caught media attention, and even gave him an opportunity to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. [youtube][/youtube] This viral promposal also caused a heated national debate, with Twitter and Facebook as main platforms. Eventually, the school district realized how harsh their penalty was, and lifted the ban on Tate – allowing him to finally attend the big night and wear his prom tuxedo.

"The Girl" Serenade Promposal Gets Almost 1.5 Million YouTube Hits

Some of the most highly recognized prom proposal videos tend to be of a young man serenading a girl.  Now it may require some musical talent, but it’s a proven way to win over a girl for prom.  In this viral video, which snagged almost 1.5 million views, a group of young men sported black tuxedo shirts with different colored bow ties and banded together to serve as back-up instrumentalists of the promposer – who himself was looking good in his baby blue tuxedo. A crowd gathered around this impromptu band, with the promposee standing in the middle, swooning over these musically inclined boys who were singing City and Colour’s The Girl. Watch the video to see her reaction.


If these creative videos aren’t enough then you can find more all over the Internet, where young men are developing intricate ways to persuade girls to accompany them to the big ball. Remember to incorporate some unique ideas and qualities of your own into your promposal.  You can perform a dance and song to a girl in a silly novelty tuxedo vest, or plan a flash mob with all your friends in men’s formal wear. These are just little touches to apply that create a sense of individuality. Good luck, the pressure to impress is on.

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