Why Wear A Prom Suit When You Can Choose A Classy Tuxedo?

Prom night is right around the corner and you're still clueless when it comes to your wardrobe. The big question is: will you wear a prom suit or a tuxedo If you don’t know the answer, it might be because you don’t realize the understated difference between them. Don't worry, not many people do. It’s time to clear up this classic case of confusion with a lesson on alluring attire. [caption id="attachment_1768" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo! Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo![/caption] Their primary difference is physical. Although they are one in the same to the untrained eye, a more careful glance reveals their distinctive traits. Suits are simple. The lapels of a suit are often made from the same material as the rest of the garment. The coat is fully buttoned with plastic or some kind of material that matches the overall fabric. On the other hand, tuxedos are all about flair. Unlike plain and staid suits, this fine piece of men's formal wear is anything but unembellished. From the lapel and pocket trim, to the buttons and the classy stripe running down the tuxedo pants, it is embraced by luxurious silk or satin. These glorious, glossy fabrics accentuate elegance. Another main difference is how they function. Each outfit serves a completely different purpose. The tuxedo is all about making a statement, while suits stand quite unfashionably in the background. Suits are for the workplace, and events that require business casual attire. This daytime office wear allows you to look put together and competent, but is that the message you want for your prom? Think again. [caption id="attachment_1815" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Have fun with your formal wear! Embrace elegance with a tuxedos' timeless class.[/caption] If you’re planning on shaking up the dance floor at prom, you want to look your best. Tuxedos say more than a simple suit ever could. They are made for semi-formal and formal occasions. When planning your night to remember, don’t leave your tux at home. Prom tuxedos are especially exuberant and adventurous compared to the relatively restrained, modest suit. They also offer an ample array formal wear accessories.  From cufflinks and pocket squares to the ever classic bow ties and cummerbunds, tuxedos leave more room to set your style any way you like it. They provide their wearers with fashionable and fancy fun by giving them a classic opportunity to stand out in seductive style. [caption id="attachment_1816" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Be bold. Be confident. Be bold. Be confident.[/caption] Your clothing choices, especially when concerning formal wear, are imperative to your image. Your prom night is an especially important milestone and what you wear will say a lot about you. The impression one gets from wearing prom suits for men versus a man in a tuxedo is vastly different. A man wearing a tux is poised and professional. He exudes confidence because his bold and brilliant attire emphasizes the power of his personality. A suit simply cannot achieve the same thing. So be the better man and wear a prom tux proudly at your next evening event.

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